“ When you are challenged, you are asked to become more than you were. 
That means creating new perspectives, acquiring new solutions and pushing boundaries.”
Hi, I'm Mahya
UI / UX / Web designer 
based in Vancouver, bC

My creative career began in mid-nineties when I draw my first series called ‘city of mice’. Well, of course, it was an absolute garbage but the point is, my love and passion for design started right at that moment in time! 
I was born in Iran and moved to Cape Town, South Africa when I was 19. I studied Bachelor of Graphic design in this beautiful country at Cape Peninsula University of Technology which gave me a deeper understanding of concepts and design thinking. My thesis topic was on the effects of interactive application design on children’s learning. I then worked as freelancer and a designer for Benguela Collection where I designed from wine bottles and packaging, online and print event collaterals, website and app UX and interfaces as well as creative directing photo and video shoots. 
Working towards the brand’s vision and goals, I devised detailed weekly, monthly plan of design requirements for all divisions and allocate tasks for each individual member of the team. I work closely with the CEO, to carve, craft and produce design elements surrounding the brand.

After spending a decade in Cape Town, I decided to challenge myself and expand my design knowledge on the other side of the world. I study New Media Design and Web Development at British Columbia University of Technology in beautiful Vancouver. My skills are now expanded to front end development, HTML/CSS, user testings, user experience design as well as website design. I am a designer that understands code and is able to communicate well with developers. 

I live, eat and breathe digital design every day. I always push myself to learn new skills and softwares and keep on thriving for pixel perfect design. My passion for design, trained eye, experiences in different fields of design, knowledge of code and web development is what sets me apart.
I believe in creating a quality design; a combination of beautiful visuals, solid concepts, and usability. The design that solves a problem and is executed beautifully and it is timeless and memorable.
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