“Small is beautiful” was a fictional project with a brief to design a magazine cover for this title. As a designer, I’ve always been fascinated with fonts and believe the importance of typography is often overlooked. Nevertheless, typography plays a critical role in shaping our design. But busy designers do not really have the time nor the patience to read long articles or check multiple resources for each project. So what is the best source of typography reference for them?

The audience is curious and creative people who are eager to learn but not afraid to be bold and try new fonts.  It also couldn’t hurt to learn how to identify a good font from a bad one or maybe what font to use when right?

With this questions in mind, I designed the lowercase typography magazine. The term "lowercase" was driven from the same concept that "small is beautiful". The aim of this typography magazine is to take subscribers through new tips and tricks and show them all dos’ and don’t when using a font family in their designs.
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