LOCATION: Cape Town, SA | CLIENT: CPUT | ROLE: Art director | YEAR: 2013
Pleased to meet you was a university project about selecting an interesting person and demonstrating their personalities through photography.  
Toyah Moon Humphreys known as Motelseven is a talented graffiti artist, Illustrator, Painter and baker based in Cape Town, South Africa. This piece is inspired by her sorrows, fears, and passion as well as her fragile femininity. 
The main concept is her fascination with religion and how strongly people believe in things, as well as her passion for baking. There is a strong parallel between religion and bread. The combination of these two has a subtle hint about the “Feeding the 5000” story in the bible in which Jesus shared two fishes and three bread and fed 5000 people. Red roses and skeleton make up are inspired by her love of nature, depression, and struggles. Through this piece, I got to know her confident personality as well as her vulnerabilities. 
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